About Titan

Sixty Years & Going

Who we are

Titan has been in the Aerospace and Defense industry since its inception over a half century ago and has worked on many of most important programs. For fifty of our sixty years in business we were in North Hollywood California in the middle of the Aerospace Industry at the time. In 2007 We moved the manufacturing operations to Hayden Idaho building a custom 16,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility. Shortly after the move we were certified to AS9100 Revision “B” and as of this writing in December 2016 we are Certified to the “C” Revision. What many people are unaware of is Titan’s ability to go beyond manufacturing coiled springs such as CNC milling, metal stamping, and welding to name just a few. 

During Titan’s early years because of our proximity to the aerospace and defense industry we worked very closely with the aerospace engineers to create parts that would perform per their requirements. In many cases, we had to move beyond our traditional role of spring making expert to problem solver to get the job done. For a medical device company, we machined a receptacle out of surgical grade stainless steel then formed a tiny spring out of the same steel only in strip form .004 thick. We then inserted the spring inside the receptacle spot welding it in 5 places followed by performing a function test. We have been the sole supplier of this assembly for over 20 years. 

Another medical device company that we were making the spring for was having trouble assembling a plastic belt clip used for an insulin pump. They asked us if we could solve the problem and take over the assembly operation for them. We designed some assembly fixtures that eliminated the problem they were having and ended up suppling the labels, plastic bags, printed instructions in addition to the completed assembly turn key ready to ship to their customer. 

We have the ability to deliver machined parts, Stamped metal parts, formed wire products with or without welding in addition to almost every spring imaginable. We do assemblies as previously referenced but also metal ones comprised of various components we manufacture or purchase outside as needed. 

Titan has manufactured spare parts for the aviation and space industries in addition to aerospace and defense for over 50 years. In many cases the buyer has a requirement for a stamped metal part used on an aircraft that has been out of production for many years. Sometimes the original supplier is not known and the original tooling is unavailable or unusable. The buyer’s requirement is for a small quantity that would not justify purchasing new stamping dies. Titan has solved this problem for countless buyers for almost sixty years and our team is ready to meet the challenges head on. We have the know how to manufacture the same part that came off the new die years ago, in small quantities. However, if the buyer’s quantities dictate new tooling our in house die shop can provide it. 

Titan is being run by the second and third generation of family members skilled in many areas of manufacturing beyond forming wire. The knowledge has been passed down over the years to the younger generation who are incorporating new technologies further improving the product.

We Belong To

Idaho Aerospace Alliance (www.idaero.org)

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (www.pnaa.net)

Spring Manufacturers Institute (www.smihq.org)

Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium (www.inwac.com)