Complex, Custom Machining

June, 2017

Product Showcase

Titan Precision Manufacturing has the ability to make various shaped parts using both class "A" tooling made in our tool and die shop or from lesser sophisticated methods, sometimes blanking flat patterns with our EDM machine. A part of our business deals with aircraft no longer in production and other systems where the original tooling was either scrapped or cannot be located. That's never a problem for us because we are constantly up to the challenge and have been helping our customers with problems like this for over half a century.

We do many different configurations in both aluminum and steel, complete with holes, slots and threading. Our quick turnaround time allows us to get parts delivered to our customers on time, every time.


Every now and then, Titan has a customer who has a unique requirement, much like the case of this vintage, handmade spring. We didn't fabricate this specific example, but we have many customers who buy this identical spring from us.

See more examples of this custom spring, as well as other items we've built specifically for our customers below.