Engineering Assistance

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What We Do

We at Titan check to make sure products are engineered with the mindset that the manufacturing process can be facilitated, reducing the manufacturing costs as well as allow potential problems to be fixed while still in the design phase; the least expensive place to address them. If problems are found, orders are returned directly back to the sales team to discuss the information with the customer.

 Spring engineering is done using the industry standard computer software that was developed by the Spring Manufacturers Institute of North America. An institute founded in 1933 that still paves the way for business standards today in the spring industry.  

 Since Engineering is available for consultation to the customer during the design phase, customer and clients can trust that their design will come out the way they need it.

 Titan is here to help you explore the possibilities with practical cutting edge designs and a feeling of excitement that allows you pave the way to new possibilities. All you have to ask yourself is, “what if …”